It is not for me, this work. It is for all those who are recipients.
— Michael Del Priore

Michael Del Priore's passion is to bring out the best in the person being painted. It is an incredible responsibility to bring someone's life to the canvas, and in all the works he creates for private collections, he keeps that in mind, enjoying every chance he gets to preserve his clients' likeness and legacy.

Dr. Bill Blass

Dr. Davis Family

Gerald Hudgins

Susan and Jan Kissimon

Delorice Mongo

Maria Mongo


Dr. E. Koury

Hayward Family

Tommy Condon

Steve Poston

Frank Lukas

Al & Joan Ondush

Timmons Family

Coleman Family

Holliday Family

Pettee Family

Witherspoon Family

Shealy Family

Lipscomb Family

Taylor Family

Leaderer Family