Some of Del Priore's most famous portraits of Government Officials are included in the list below; ten of them have been featured in the SC State House. Two in them hang permanently in the U.S. Capitol - Jim Young and Gerald Solomon.

Ronald Reagan, US President

John Boehner, US House Speaker Ohio

Richard Shelby, US Senate Alabama

Pat Roberts, US Senate KS

Strom Thrumond, US Senate SC

Fritz Hollings, US Senate SC

Jim Hansen, US Congress Utah (Chairman of)

Gerald Solomon, US Congreess-Chairman of House and Rules

Bill Young, US Congress-Chairman Appropriations Capital FL

Henry Hyde, US Congress Chairman of Judiciary

Chris Smith, US Congress Chairman of Armed Forces

Bob Stump, US Congress Chairman of Armed Forces AZ

W.J. Bryan Dorn, US Congress Chairman of Veterans Affarirs SC

Floyd Spence, US Congress Chairman of Armed Forces SC

Jerry Lewis, US Congress CA

Robert McNair, SC Governor

James Edwards, SC Governor

Dick Riley, SC Governor

Carroll Campbell, SC Governor

David Beasley, SC Governor

Robert Sheheen, SC House Speaker

David Wilkins, SC House Speaker

John Drummond, SC Senate

Marion Gressette, SC Senate

Jodi Rell, Lt. Governor CT