You know, you can be an isolationist, but in that case, what you know will go to the grave with you. I choose instead to be an expressionist - to give give back, and to edify other lives.
— Michael Del Priore

In his career, Del Priore has painted about 45 judges, 30 business leaders and 30 members of Congress - not to mention families, philanthropists, professionals, educators and leaders; below are some noteworthy commissions, painting life at its best.

Edwards, Edwards Tobacco Co. NC

Robert Marshall, Damen College NY

Dr. James Edwards, Clemson University SC

Harry Lightsey, College of Charleston SC

Leo Higdon, College of Charleston SC

Lee Vickers, Francis Marion University SC

Phil Lader, Winthrop College SC

Martha Piper, Winthrop College SC

James Holderman, USC

Marion Gressette, USC

Larose, Elon Unniversity NC

Wallace Chandler, Elon Unniversity NC

Tom Hochsteller, Lewis and Clark College OR

Meyer Feldberg, Columbia University NY

Dr. Chang, Poly Tech NY

Dr. Will Lou Gray, Opportunity School SC

D. Brinonta

C. Whitson, Columbia College SC

Dr. John Kirklin, UAB AL

Richard Briggs, UAB AL

David Whitten, UAB AL

Chuck Beaman, Palmetto Health SC

Dr. Crews, Lexington Hospital SC

Jack Warner, Warner Museum AL

John L. Loab, NYU Institute of Fina Art NY

Bill Gates, Microsoft Corp.

Charles H. Towns, Nobel Prize CA

John Rainey, Anderson University Columbia Museum of Art

Robert Rainey, Anderson School of Arts SC

John and Betty Warren, Hospital SC

Fritz and Peatsy Hollings, Cancer Institute SC

Russell Holliday, Brookgreen Garedens SC

Walter Keenan, CEO Keenan Reality SC

Michael J. Mungo, CEO Mungo Reality SC

James Ferrell, CE0 Ferrell Gas Co. KS

Dalton McMichael, CEO Mcmichael Textiles NC

Miller, Paine Weber NY

Jay Haas, PGA Golfer SC

Joe Morrison, USC Coach SC

Nelson Mullins Riley, Lawyers SC

Richard Ormand, Historian / Writer London

Edgar Bellafontain, Boston Law Librarian

Bob Royal, Ports Authority SC

W.W. Johnson, Ports Authority SC

Rogers, Townsend and Thomas, Lawyers SC