For me, working in Sargent’s studio was wonderful. The light was soft, but direct; the aura was tantalizing. I could almost feel Sargent there. To have the privilege to paint in the studio was one thing, but to paint his great nephew there was unbelievable!
— Michael Del Priore

Working in John Singer Sargent's Studio

Del Priore has had the distinct privilege of seeing and working in John Singer Sargent’s studio at 33 Tite Street in Chelsea, London, England in 2002. He is a personal friend of Richard Ormond - Sargent’s Great Nephew, and Julian Barrows - owner of 33 Tite Street.

Above are photos of Del Priore painting Richard Ormond's portrait in Sargent's studio, along with other photos of Del Priore and Julian Barrows, owner of 33 Tite Street during Del Priore's visit. Read more about his visit to Sargent's studio here.

View the introduction to Del Priore's Fundamentals of Portraiture below. Introduction by Richard Ormond, Grand Nephew of John Singer Sargent.